AHS PTOLEMAIDAS – UNIT V The biggest construction cranes project in Greece.

TERNA company has purchased 10 construction cranes for the development of the new lignite unit PTOLEMAIDA 5.

1 Liebherr 630ECH 40: Height 193.5m, maximum lifting capacity 40,000kg
1 Liebherr 250ECB 12: Height 155.9m, maximum lifting capacity 12,000kg,
1 Liebherr 280ECH 12: Height 187.3m, maximum lifting capacity 12,000kg for the cooling tower,
6 Liebherr 200ECH 10: Height 35.6m to 68.5m maximum lifting capacity 10,000kg
1 Liebherr 202ECB 10: Height 52.1m maximum lifting capacity 10,000kg.

Our company was in charge of assembling adjusting and delivering of these construction cranes. It also provided technical support throughout the construction process.